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George McConnell

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George McConnell picked up his first guitar at age 15, and he’s been picking them up ever since. As both a player and purveyor of guitars, he has amassed quite a collection of sounds, songs and stringed instruments. He’s served as lead guitarist in the bands Beanland, Kudzu Kings and Widespread Panic. In his spare time, he helmed a vintage guitar store on the historic Oxford Square.

McConnell first learned the ways of the world under the careful teaching of a truck driver named Lulu. When he was just ten years old, McConnell worked on the back of a beer truck with Lulu, traveling to juke joints and pool halls delivering delicious Falstaff in the Mississippi Delta.

McConnell grew up in the river town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. halfway between New Orleans and Memphis. Thus began exposure to the wide swath of music that inhabits the Mississippi soul. Over the years he crossed paths with musicians from the worlds of jazz, soul, blues, country and rock ‘n roll; in effect, McConnell couldn’t help but become the player that he is blurring these styles of music together. These experiences led him to become a full time musician, worse than that  – a singing, guitar player; despite his family and friends’, wishes for a better life.  This is music that can only be called rock ‘n roll.

With nearly two decades of stage experience under his belt, McConnell unleashes these new songs to take out on a “singles” only date, and have your way with them. So cozy up to your internet and pretend you are buying a real vinyl 45.   Punch the button to download the way it used to be.

Those songs have been percolating in McConnell’s Oxford studio, and will be released in the following months through a series of downloadable singles, packaged together in “Virutal 45” form as a two-track (A-side and B-side) package.

Lulu would be proud.


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