Two Years of Rock

Winter of 2011 marks my new band’s two year anniversary!!! I’d like to thank all of our fans & music venues throughout the Southeast and beyond for a great run so far and all your support.

During this time, I’ve burned up thousands of road miles with my band The Nonchalants. The band features Tommy Turan on bass guitar, Max Williams on lap-steel, slide, and lead guitar, and Kenny Graeber on drums. If I haven’t told you before, I’m telling you now, this is the best band I’ve ever been in…..period!

We’ve headlined outdoor festivals, opened for major international artists, released one album, recorded a second album due out very soon, received some great reviews, killed a deer with our van, and rocked out with old and new fans alike.

What to look forward to in the year to come…..a new website, new merch, a new album, expanding our playing territory, writing new songs, world domination, and surviving being a father! (Oh yeah, did I mention I’m a new dad?!)

Cheers to all you fans out there! And don’t forget your bartenders……